It’s great to see a new local running initiative.  Albeit with a commercial angle Craig Meredith and Digby Ellis-Brecknell have set up Run Jersey ‘The Home of Running in Jersey.’  Good luck to the lads.  They are trying to explore a bit of fun in the sport and to spread the word.  To start with they are promoting an off-road series of races, the first being a trail race on 12th June.

Jersey Spartan AC is what it is; two entirely separate sections – track & field and running.  The track & field side is coach-led and unashamedly competitive.  The road runners are a breed of their own, all motivated and never happy unless they’re racing hard.  There is little patience amongst them with running for pleasure and even less in welcoming newcomers and helping them along unless they are already of a certain standard.  The result is that you only ever see the majority of Jersey runners when it comes to the Open races where there are bound to be a wide range of abilities.

The Hash clubs, the HHH and Crapaud HHH have been the providers of ‘fun running’  for the last 30 years and they have a loyal following.  Given my time again and without existing ties to Spartans this sort of running would probably have best suited me.

Now Craig and Digby are trying to pull the strands together and to create more of their own.  The one plea I’d make to them is to recognise that there are slowpokes and beginner-runners out there.  Cater for them as well as the running snakes and you will gain a big following.  The best of luck.