Ok this is starting to feel like marathon training; not the pure mileage but the quality of those miles, topped off with a bit of suffering without which no marathon programme is complete.  And early in the week I suddenly started to get enjoyment out on the road; all my best work has been done on the track up until now.

Even before BST kicked in yesterday it was getting possible to at least start my evening sessions in daylight.  On Wednesday I headed out St Clement’s Inner Road for 60mins alternating the pace every four minutes between 2 and 4.  In truth the slow bits were slower than they ought to have been as I sought the benefits of pace change and gathered myself for the four-minute effort.  Rather than push on towards the coast road at Fauvic I nipped down the pretty Rue du Parcq with its restored parish pump, magnificent abreuvoir and a set of mounting steps the easier for her ladyship to mount her horse.  The following  evening an 80min easy which I started late after answering the call to coach the junior group at the FB.  Again using Inner Road with my torch very necessary in places I reached the outskirts of Gorey Village before turning back.

Which brought me to Saturday and a 2h 45m long run/walk.  I thought, madly as it turned out, I’d take the opportunity to scope out one or two possible runs for my summer evening class.  I parked behind St Ouen’s Parish Hall and, via the funky Rue du Creux Baillot, I found a track that headed down into Greve de Lecq Woods.  Once more a byway that I’ve never tried before but clearly used by bike and horse riders.  It was in these woods that the Newall boys buried their parents in 1988 after murdering them after a family dinner party.  Both Roderick & Mark denied knowledge of their parents’ ‘disappearance’ and it was five years later before the net closed in on them.  The world’s media set up camp at the bar of the (then) nearby Caesar’s Palace while police dug in the woods.  The bodies were found and the sons convicted.  Both have now served their sentences and are enjoying their inheritance.Roderick and Mark Newall

Out of the woods and up the steep climb onto the cliffpaths to Plemont and eventually Grosnez.  I was aching and sweating freely on a fine early spring morning and that in itself would have constituted a good work out – only I still had the guts of two hours to run.  It was a struggle thereafter.  I circumnavigated the racetrack and went back onto the cliffpaths for another loop.  And next thing I was eating dirt having tripped headlong!  Which is why, boys and girls, you should always take your mobile with you on these sort of runs.  Ascertaining however that my wounds were superficial I dragged myself up and on my weary way.  Around the racetrack again and into the lanes of St Ouen where I looped, now jog/walking 16/4, until it was time to head back to the car.

The mileage per my Garmin was pitiful even given the terrain during the first part of the run.  But I was grimly pleased with myself to have completed it when wimping out was an option.  I hope the mental training will help later.

Mon – 42mins @ EL1
Tues – 60mins alternating EL2-4 every four minutes
Thurs – 80mins @ EL1
Sat – 2h 46m @ EL1

Weeks to Edinburgh Marathon – 8