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This is what junior athletics should be all about.  Excitement, fun, enthusiasm, pride in one’s efforts, win or lose.  Shouting out for your teammates and celebrating or commiserating together.  If you read something like this from your local athletics club wouldn’t you want your son or daughter to be part of it?

I’m intensely proud of what we started there in Dublin less than three years ago.  Many of those that were around on Day 1 are still involved and the progression under the present coaches has been rapid.  Crusaders have very quickly overtaken a number of the established clubs in the Dublin area, at least in track & field where they have the big advantage of the Irishtown Stadium facilities.

One very big difference between Dublin and Jersey is the lack of competition in the latter.  The Crusaders kids have been brought up in a competitive environment and they love it.  The standard in Dublin is not great and there’s a bit of hype in this newsletter maybe.  But I’d sooner have it that way than to underplay the achievements.  The youngsters there are having a ball and they’ll have had a fantastic, positive experience whilst they’re involved.  And for the few that may push through into senior athletics then it’s a perfect springboard.

And when those youngsters grow up and become parents don’t you suppose that they’ll maybe take their offspring down to Irishtown remembering the good times that they once had?