Forget I ever mentioned the ‘ea*y’ word in connection with this programme.  The 73min track session on Thursday was long and tough.  Coach called for alternate EL (effort level) 3 & 4 over 3min reps on the track.  This required some serious digging-in to maintain EL3 after driving hard during the previous rep.  I’m not sure that, in devising this complex programme, (and I’m just following the 4-hour programme, he does plenty of others) Bakken hasn’t slipped up with his figures now and again; next week’s sessions for instance don’t look half as tough.

I went into Saturday’s 2.5 hour run/walk less than fully recovered.  I’d ideally leave the long run until Sunday but that doesn’t work for me just now.  I decided to replicate last week’s route and completed it well enough but heavy-legged and not able to push on as I’d have liked.  However these runs just now are about ‘time on your feet’ so that’s fine.  I had a little chat with Spartan veteran Sam O’Hare up in St Martin’s Village and was nearly tempted to join him for a cuppa in the little Tea Shoppe they have there now.  Back to the FB with an increasingly strong and damp westerly making it a bit cold.  Caroline, Hester and Karen P from my evening group were out doing their 25min solo though I left them to it today – well done ladies.

And this morning a third (and final, I think) session with the Minis, rather reduced in number due to half-term.  I’ve had a ball with this group and it’s been good to be actively coaching again.

Tues – 20mins @ EL3 + 10 x 45secs @ EL4 with 15sec recoveries.
Wed – 35min @ EL1
Thurs – 15 x 3min, alternating between EL3 & 4, with 2min recoveries.
Sat – 2.5hrs @ EL1

Weeks to Edinburgh Marathon – 12