A couple of tough track sessions this week as the 5k/10k phase of Coach Bakken’s programme finishes.  He instructs changes of pace within each session but I’ve proved not strong enough to hang onto a ‘brisk’ pace after running at ‘tempo’ pace, and instead declined to a jog in order to keep the session going.  But again I feel that I’ve pushed myself as much as I feel able to without the tyranny of the watch telling me I’m a failure.
The run/walk 2 1/2 hours on Saturday was interesting.  I chose the November half-marathon route in reverse out along the coast road.  The first walk break came at Rocqueberg and I felt like a fraud, but at least it allowed me to have a chat with Mike Capraro walking his dog.  The first few walk breaks left me able to tackle the following run reps with confidence and happily one of those breaks coincided with the trek up Mont de la Guerande, the lane that goes straight up the cotil behind the Castle Green and which is one of (if not the) steepest climbs on the Island.  Thereafter I found that the walk breaks were stiffening up the old pins so that I trotted back down through St Saviour at a snail’s pace.  Still, it’s early days in the programme and it’s novel, interesting and I’m enjoying it.

Maybe motorists have been reading my rants; I was astonished when no fewer than four vehicles actually pulled out to avoid me whilst signalling, during this long run, three of those in quick succession on La Grande Route de Faldouet.  That is more than I’ve experienced in the past 12 months put together 🙂

Back at the FB Fields I did a few strides to finish off but my legs were basically shot.  I was therefore down to just about the right pace to welcome my Highlands Couch to 5k group – I’d offered to do their 20-min jog with them, a big step up from the previous longest of 8min.  Using the track and the grass I was delighted that each and every one completed the run.

Two laughs in quick succession in the clubhouse.  Sam Dawkins, one of our emerging one-lap experts, wailing that ‘There’s no comfortable position!’ whilst throwing himself into contortions after some hard track work.  Then Michelle, one of the C25k group, explaining that her hangover was inevitable as, having gone to a party dressed as a leopard, she could hardly turn down alcohol on the grounds that ‘she was being sensible tonight’!

All followed today (Sunday) with another fun session with the Minis at Langford.  I therefore missed the club 8k race but the road race schedule is so rubbish this year that I’m not really bothered.

Tues – 6 x 1200m continuous – programme specified alternating EL 3-4 but actuality was EL 1-4
Wed – 45min @ EL 1-2
Thurs – 7 x 4min, 1min recovery.  Programme specified first 3mins @ EL 3 and the final minute @ EL 4 but actuality for the first 3mins was EL 1-3
Sat – 2h 33m @ EL1, alternating 15min run/5min walk (13.4 miles)

Weeks to Edinburgh Marathon – 13