Funny old running week, the third and last of Marius Bakken’s ‘introductory’ weeks before the 100-day marathon programme proper.  I stuck to the schedule this week which consisted of only three days.  Consequently I feel lazy and as if I’m not doing enough.  Nevertheless I’ll keep the faith and do as I’m told.

Having switched my midweek slow run to the evenings I’ve found the last two Wednesday evenings much harder than they ought to be.  An ‘easy’ run should be exactly that.  But I’ve been toiling a bit and I wonder if I’m really a morning runner and I’m fading by the evening.  We’ll see.

Conversely I’m thoroughly enjoying the speed/endurance sessions in my new lightweight shoes.  It’s a novel feeling to be covering the ground at speed, feeling the burn and holding the reps back just enough to finish the session in control.

Disaster almost struck on Wednesday evening on the dimly-lit St Clement’s Inner Road.  Over I went on the kerb, my left ankle twisting severely and I let out a squeal like a Premier League footballer.  It must be the fourth or fifth time I’ve done that and again I got away with it.  After progressing gingerly for a few minutes the pain wore off and I was running normally, and the next morning it was fine.  I’ve no doubt that, without this ‘active recovery’, the ankle would have come up like a balloon.  So onto Week 1 proper.

Tues 1st Jan –  10min @ Effort Level (EL) 3 + 10(20sec) with 20 sec recovery @ EL 4.
Wed 2ndFeb – 70min @ EL 1
Thurs 3rd Feb – 20min @ EL 3 + 10(1min) with 1min recovery @ EL 4

Weeks to Edinburgh Marathon 15