On an impulse I bought some new runners.  Whilst I’m in low mileage mode and while my Asics are still serviceable I thought I’d try out some Nike Frees.These of course are Nike’s nod in the direction of minimalist running shoes.  They offer little or no cushioning or support and are meant to replicate barefoot running whilst protecting the sole of the foot.  What are they like?  Well, light!  My first try out was on Thursday at the track and I loved the way I could run more freely at speed – it was almost fun.  It was a bit different yesterday on my slow road plod.  With the best will in the world it’s difficult to get up on the forefoot at low speeds and I felt a little bit shaken up by the time I got back.  So maybe I’ll continue to use the Asics for easy runs for now.

Tuesday – 6(60sec/45/30/15) 15sec recovery @ Effort Level (EL) 2-4
Wednesday – 68min @EL 1
Thursday – 20(1min) 30 sec recovery @EL4
Saturday – 52min @EL1

Weeks to Edinburgh Marathon – 16