Well, that’s Week 1 of my Edinburgh Marathon schedule done.  I daresay I’ll pay further down the line but it’s the strangest programme that I’ve embarked upon.  The early weeks are a mixture of ‘short-rep, short-rec’ sessions with easy recovery runs.  The short sessions themselves are varied with Coach Bakken explaining the purpose of each.  The intensity of each day’s running is varied and Bakken gives you the choice of training by (a) time (b) heart rate or (c) effort level.  I’m opting to go for effort level.
I’ve not looked too far ahead but I’m sure there’s some hard work coming down the track.  But for now it’s great fun checking the diary and seeing what’s in store – a bit like a lucky dip.  It’s just what I need, not another slog of increasing miles at the same old plod.  If it has results then great, if not then I’m cool and it will have been fun trying something different.
I’m going to log my daily sessions here.  Last week they included stuff not set out in the programme as I really didn’t feel I’d done enough.

Tues – 15(45sec, 15sec recovery) @ Effort Level (EL) 4 (out of 5)
Wed – 3.6m @EL 2
Thurs – 30(20sec, 20 sec recovery) @ EL 3-4
Sat – 6.6m @EL 1
Sun – 10(100m) barefoot strides

Weeks until Edinburgh – 17