In the lazy, happy days of summer 2009 I became an Irish National Champion by winning the Masters Shot Putt M55 title at Tullamore.  Lest you think me boastful I am always quick to point out that I didn’t actually have to beat anyone to attain this title :pac:  But as they say, you can only beat what’s in front of you.

I had thoughts of defending my title in 2010 but other matters took priority, such as earning a living in Jersey.  As the year draws to a close it struck me that I may still have retained my title by default but, upon checking the results from Tullamore last August, there was in fact a good contest for the M55 title and I’m no longer the champ :(  In fact my winning putt in 2009 would only have got me a bronze this year.  Now I know how Edwin Moses felt when he was finally beaten after 122 straight wins.

But hey, think positive!  I’ve still got two years left in the age group.  Maybe I’ll roll up to Tullamore in 2011 and kick ass!  If you didn’t have targets, goals, aspirations in life then you’d achieve nothing.