This isn’t turning into a religious blogspot but, with further reference to Aoife Downey, the Cork teenager who lost her life a few days ago, I just had to post up this extract from the Irish Independent reporting from her funeral.

Amid emotional scenes, mum Siobhan Downey read out a special prayer entitled ‘God’s Lent Child’.

Mrs Downey told mourners that Aoife’s sister Eadaoin had struggled to understand her older sister’s tragic death until she asked her family whether it was because Aoife wanted to celebrate Baby Jesus’s birthday with him in heaven.

“She (Eadaoin) came in to Sean and myself last night and she was all excited. She told us: ‘I think I know why Aoife has gone to heaven, Mam.’ And I say ‘why, darling?’

“And she explained that it was because the baby Jesus has his birthday on Saturday. He must have wanted somebody ‘mad’ there for his party. I hope you have a good party, Aoife,” she concluded.