I’ve added a link to the Spartan running fixtures for early 2011 on the second page of this blog.  This is on the safe assumption that they won’t be appearing on the official website anytime soon.  (There’s a link to that website on the right so you can check for yourselves.)

Two observations on the fixtures.  Until fairly recently the races used to progress from 5k to 25k in preparation for the Spring marathons.  The 25k race was dropped a couple of years ago, now the 20k race seems to have gone   We might as well all just go to the track and become sprinters.  In some desperation I’ve entered a Half in the UK six weeks before Edinburgh.

Secondly, where is the classic Mielles de Morville XC race, the only one that I intended to run?  Unless it has been renamed Kempt Tower, will check.

I am not impressed and I guess I won’t be the only one.