A year ago today I flew back to Jersey after two years in Ireland.  For 21 months I’d had a blast and enjoyed life to the full. Then it all went pear-shaped very quickly and economic circumstances dictated that I had little choice left but to return to the Island. 

It was not a happy return, but gradually I have got used to the idea again and I’m enjoying life. I miss everyone in Ireland badly but that chapter of my life has been and gone. Maybe in the future if the stars are in alignment I’ll try again but for now I’m content to be where I am. We are fortunate here in Jersey in so many ways, even the less well off. You wouldn’t think so to listen to the moaning and whining that goes on though. 

Jersey’s network of lanes is one of our treasures and I found myself out in them once more last night, in the inky blackness of St Mary with the wind whistling off the northern cliffs. One of my Couch to 5k ladies Elena has been leading her own group out and back from St Mary’s Country Inn these last couple of months. Last night was the great 5k climax and, though circumstances meant that not everyone turned out last night it was a pleasure to plod around with Elena, Jane and Harriet. There is no lighting whatsoever away from the village so head-torches are the order of the day (or night.) And a good job they kept glowing brightly as, though I know Devil’s Hole and Mourier Valley a bit, I’d have been out there all night without their guidance. Everybody trotted home happily, mission accomplished, and I’m delighted for them and wish them many more years of happy running. 

In January I’m delivering the Couch to 5k programme via Highlands College. That will be a bit different with paying customers no doubt demanding value for money!

Oh, and Carol Decker (T’Pau) has become my friend on Facebook :)  Probably her bestest friend actually, though admittedly she hasn’t said that…yet…