Very peaceful it was in the Royal Square yesterday evening as I supped my Liberation Ale.  Then I heard music, getting louder, like when one of them boy racers comes by with the sound system turned right up.  But traffic doesn’t come down the cut between the Peirson and Cock & Bottle.  Suddenly a runner appeared, music emanating somewhere from him.  He was having a bit of trouble with it as it kept cutting out.  Then he disappeared around by the town church and I thought no more of it.

About an hour later I was considering going home when the unmistakeable guitar chords of Mark Knopfler sounded at the far end of the square and yer man trotted across – Harry doesn’t mind if he doesn’t make the scene/he’s got a daytime job, he’s doing all right… – and disappeared up the town once more.  I’ve no idea where he had his musical equipment but it packed a punch.  No discrete iPod for him.

So, who is Jersey’s Mystery Musical Runner?