In the light of subsequent events my decision not to run the six miles up Waterworks Valley to St Ouen last Sunday has been proved wise.  After that nasty bug I left it until Thursday to lace up my shoes and try a little session at the track.  I managed one 300m rep after which my legs were like rubber and my chest was tight.  Then, trying instead for a little jog I needed to turn back after a couple of hundred yards.  This morning (Sat) I hopefully set out towards Gorey on my Worldwide Half, part of the virtual Worldwide Festival of Races.  1.3 miles in I knew that I was too weak to continue and maybe get stranded out along the coast so I came back home.

As I keep bleating I’ve twice had pretty catastrophic down time of 6-9 months when, for no diagnosed reason, I could barely run.  The last such spell ended on Christmas Day 2007, just after I’d left Jersey.  I’m quite proud of myself that, during those miserable periods, I kept on getting out there trying to find my mojo again.  Whether or not I’m now in a similar situation time will tell.

Meanwhile winter training has started again at Spartans.  Happily we seem to have plenty of coaches so instead I’ll help Dave out with the Minis indoors on Sunday mornings in between looking out for prospective throwers.  These are an endangered species in Jersey.  This is despite the example of Zane Duquemin in Delhi who progressed to the final of the shot to come 12th, and has now qualified for the final of the discus with a throw of 51.5m.

Miles on the week – 3.8
Miles ytd – 1,128.7