We LOST the inter-insular to Guernsey over two days last weekend.  I don’t suppose any of us are happy about it but I’m pretty despondent.

Here’s a link to the full and detailed results – I’ve used my old Athletics Jersey website!

There were a few high spots and a number of meeting records for Jersey but I’m disappointed.  After years of steady progress we seem to have stalled a bit.  We had difficulty filling events – well done to those that jumped into unfamiliar events.  A Dale Garland-less Guernsey were still too strong for us in the men, while the women losing was a major surprise.  Down through the age groups we can’t pick out all that many stars, but I’m prepared to accept – for now, that these things go in cycles.

I was impressed with the smartness of the Guernsey Colts in their matching track tops, and with the GIAAC coaches’ working tops – they looked smart and workmanlike even on their own patch.  We’ve never managed to give that impression of professionalism.

Back home there’s a void in communication that has been going on for too long now.  A website (yet another) is coming onstream which may help.  The clubhouse, put up at great expense, is looking tired and uncared for.  Membership is, I understand, way down.  Our talented committee needs to steer a path away from the air of resignation that I start to sense.

Meanwhile it is up to all of us involved with the athletes to try to turn things around over the winter.