*This blog post is from 2010 🙂 Keep a look out on Facebook/JEP for subsequent years’ results and reports*

What a good turnout – well over 200, for the Jayson Lee 10k yesterday.  It was particularly good to see a few old faces come out of the woodwork for the race.  And the fact that it was a non-Spartan club race meant that a shedload of ‘ordinary’ runners took part, the ones that the club unintentionally alienates by not making provision for them.  Many were clearly testing themselves with the Jersey Marathon looming.

It was a nice course, starting outside the gates of the FB Fields and heading back to the traffic lights and left up to the coast road and out towards La Rocque.  Ideal for running, cool with just a hint of rain in the air.  I felt OK if not great and kept up a reasonable plod rate of about 8m/m.  Turning inland at La Rocque I started picking off a few runners, though this was because they were slowing a little.  Of course I only knew this later when I looked at my splits which were very steady.  Back on the Inner Road there’s only two miles to go so you can push.  I like hills and I particularly enjoyed the little tester up from St Clement’s Church before stretching out again on the downhill to Le Rocquier.  Approaching the FB Fields gates I spotted my last victim but unfortunately he was not willing to lie down so easily and I ran out of gas as he stretched away down the track to the finish line.  49.24 on the Garmin and I’m reasonably content with that.

This was after a day trip to Guernsey and acquiring blisters after raking a sandpit all afternoon.  It was a good job that Andrew had rounded up a dozen or so of us to help officiate as Guernsey provided little other than their very impressive stadium.  Other officials flew from the mainland specially or were recruited from the visiting clubs.  It was a good afternoon of competition with Channel Islands AC winning the match with City of Glasgow in second place but clinching the Div.4 title.

Miles on the week – 27.0
Miles ytd – 1,007.7