Crikey, that was a warm one.  Even heading out at 9am on a Saturday morning the temperature was beginning to climb and by the time I dragged myself back up into the apartment two hours later I was pretty sweaty and bedraggled.  Today I decided to head up towards St Martin and loop eastwards, roughly following the November Half Marathon course.  So off up Green Road and Rue des Pres, past Longueville Manor.  Up past what used to be the Hotel L’Emeraude, no doubt earmarked for yet more luxury apartments, and into Beast of Jersey country at Boulivot Crossroads.  (Not heard of the Beast of Jersey?  I’ll tell it to you sometime.)  Along past the ancient Hougue Bie, up to the main road and onto St Martin’s Church.  Here is The Royal public house, where, up until not so long ago, the bar was the place to go to hear the old Jerriais language.

That first few miles is a bit of an uphill drag but it’s cruise time heading off towards the east and Faldouet.  I’m reacquainted with Saturday morning Jersey drivers who, in their anxiety to get from A to B, are truly the most unthinking of folk.  To be utterly fair, car ownership in Jersey is universal and pedestrians are becoming an extinct species.  The mother pushing a buggy, who I worry about more than myself as idiot drivers hurl themselves around corners, just doesn’t exist.  Car drivers are genuinely startled when they come across a main road user on foot.  Maybe I should chill.

I don’t want to push the envelope too much in the heat so I hang a right above Gorey and head down to Queen’s Valley, turning left up the little lane that runs alongside it.  Here’s my hill work for today – a slow climb up to where you get a great view of Grouville Bay before a quad-crunching dive down past the (seemingly closed) Lower Mill Pottery.  Grouville Church is next – they’ve just discovered what appears to be the remains of a Roman villa there.  I hope the initial prognosis is more accurate than proved to be the case at Haut de la Garenne!  I head south across Fauvic crossroads and reach the coast road at Le Bourg.  I’ve run the coast road many times, usually at the end of long runs, and it’s usually a slog.  Today in the heat it’s certainly a struggle back through Pontac, Le Hocq and Green Island for 12.1 miles in about two hours.  Felt queer all day afterwards – I should be less arrogant about my capabilities and drink something in this weather.

So a better week mileage-wise, getting back into it again now.

Miles on the week – 29.0
Miles ytd – 841.4