Ah well, running-wise I hit rock bottom this week.  I do have a vestige of an excuse though having been preparing for a house move and then actually doing it on Saturday.

Though ‘house move’ is rather a grand term for leaving the hovel that I’ve lived in since returning to the Island last Christmas.  Needing a quick and cheap solution I took a room in First Tower in part of a former old peoples’ home.  Basic is probably the best description but, as I don’t ask for much really, it was OK.  In fact, with a south-facing window I was actually getting rather fond of it.  It was however in the thinly-regulated lodging house sector of the market and a couple of weeks ago I got a call giving me my notice.  This is entirely legal and is at the behest of the owner who doesn’t need to give a reason.  In fact they simply wanted the room to house a new property manager.  I assumed, reasonably, that I would be afforded four weeks notice as was recently imposed on all the lodgers in the building.  I was told two weeks, twelve days in fact.  Now to me it was just a bloomin’ inconvenience but it would have been all the same to the owners if it had caused real hardship.  So thanks Palladium Group – shame the new manager didn’t materialise after all.

Whatever, it turned out beautifully.  I’m now installed in a spacious and modern studio apartment overlooking St Clement’s Bay, 15 minutes walk from the office and less from the FB Fields, home of Jersey Spartan AC.  The rent is a bit eye-watering but you won’t catch me complaining.

So my first (and only) run of the week consisted of sliding out of bed, into my running gear and out the door onto the beach!  I headed eastwards, dealing with the inevitable dogs (sorry, he only wants to play, sorry etc) along the glorious sand to Green Island.  From there it’s a rocky jaunt to Le Hocq where I emerged onto the coast road and headed for home.  I won’t necessarily do the dog-dodging every time but I fully intend starting to run again in the early mornings.

Miles on the week                4.5
Miles ytd                            812.4