Ow wow.  This is hurting a bit, trying to get the legs moving again just in a gentle sort of way.  I’m not sure how much of it’s to do with the recent marathon and how much to do with the quantity of Murphy’s and Guinness supped in the week subsequent to the race.

My first run of consequence since Ireland was on Saturday – up West Hill (which gets the heart going), up Queen’s Road to and beyond Sion, left at Herupe and left again into the upper reaches of Mont Cochon which leads me gently back home.  An idyllic summer morning if one ignores the agony in the calf muscles.

On Sunday I jog gingerly from First Tower to the track at St Clement.  As an avid gatherer of useless historic facts I am interested today to check out the site of Billy’s Lido – it was the former open space between the Marina and de la Plage hotels at Havre des Pas.  (Indeed the Marina Hotel was the Marina Aquarium before being converted into a hotel just in time for the Occupation.)  Further along at the Dicq is a property called Silvertide.  This has now been converted into apartments but retains the original frontage.  It was Gestapo HQ during the Occupation years!

At the track Molly Jehan and Helen Butler, both track athletes, are having a little throw of the hammer so as to be useful in the British Women’s League team.  I therefore do my very first bit of coaching in Jersey for 2½ years.  I tentatively agree to start coming down again in the midweek to help with the juniors.  I need wheels.

Miles on the week – 15.5
Miles ytd – 788.9