Well after the good vibes of the Fantastic North Run it’s been a crummy enough week.  The Half was slow to leave my legs for one thing, and I picked up a bit of a cold on Thursday.  This latter meant a very low-energy nine-miler on Sunday but of course the main thing is that it didn’t happen next weekend!

So, a minimal amount of running set up for this week – tomorrow and Thursday will be my last runs and, though they’re short, it’ll mean continuing good discipline in setting the alarm and getting out the door.

My itinerary looks like this.

Saturday – fly Jersey-Cork in mid-afternoon.  (Hopefully that is.  Two years ago the weather in Cork meant that I arrived at my hotel at midnight, precipitating a disastrous build-up to the race.)  I’m staying with my mate Deirdre in Douglas which will have the effect of keeping me away from the siren call of the city centre pubs prior to race day.

Sunday – I’m apparently helping out with the (free) entries for the King of Pana race, which is a mad dash up St Patrick’s Hill, a sort of prologue to the marathon I suppose.  I considered it was in my own best interests not to chance my own arm.

Monday – the race, and I’m aiming for a 4.22 finish which is a steady 10min/mile pace.  It should be well within my capabilities but I have a history of pulling out after 12 miles (2007) and 14 miles (2008) in this race, so I’m staying very cautious.

Wednesday – leave Cork and spend the afternoon/evening in Waterford.  I might have a little bit of business to see to but mainly I just want to see the town again, perhaps my friends Dave & Eleanor, and most certainly Alfie Hales and Jordans!

Thursday – Travel to Dublin and get reacquainted with everybody at Crusaders AC.  This I am looking forward to like nothing else and I hope they have lots of coaching lined up for me!  I’m also looking forward to seeing Docklands, Ringsend and Sandymount again and The Oarsman and The Yacht in particular!  I’m afraid all my discipline will have disappeared down the plughole by this stage.

Saturday – fly back to Jersey at lunchtime.

Can’t wait!