An easy enough week following Mr Higdon’s Inter I programme – just 31 miles. It steps up significantly from here on in though with the next seven weeks being tough ahead of a two week taper.

Probably the highlight was on Wednesday morning when my second-longest run of each week is scheduled. The high tide and strong winds were sending the waves crashing over the sea wall and forcing closure of part of the Avenue for a time. Spectacular for the runner but the temptation is there to get too close to the action.

I’m continuing to do my midweek runs before work, a habit I got into in Dublin. I always enjoyed that basic four-miler through Docklands and Grand Canal Square, over the locks at Ringsend and over the East Link to return up the far side of the Liffey. I wonder how the stalled developments and struggling coffee outlets are doing these days.

I’m happily working away with a small but successful law firm here in St Helier. Whilst it was never my intention to return to Jersey life is good here. I’ve made good use of my downtime by writing a novel and researching a second, which I’ve now started. One of these fine days they’ll be published and printed, though probably at my own expense.