A lousy run on Saturday morning – for some reason my body didn’t want to run at all and I ended up walking/trotting back to the FB Fields. There was however one very positive result, but it had nothing to do with running.

I’ve had time on my hands recently and I have, frankly, turned into even more of an anorak than I was before. I enjoy researching local history, wherever I am. Since returning to Jersey I’ve been doing some research and have become fixated with tracking the route of the old Jersey Eastern Railway through modern Jersey. As the line folded in 1929 and both the townscape and landscape of Jersey has changed radically in that time, it is a bit of a task. I suppose I could have grabbed some old codger who would have known every inch. However it’s more fun working it out oneself.

Unnoticed by me I must have run past the former Ponterson Lane station a hundred times. There it is at the crossroads with Rue a la Croix and it’s called The Halt – d’oh! Anyway this pinpoints the route the track took through Le Haguais Farm, coming from town. I’d ascertained a week or two back that it ran on down what is now Beach Gardens, before disappearing. However two people had mentioned that I should investigate the woodland behind St Clement’s Parish Hall – so I did so on Saturday.

To my astonishment there is at least 200m of railway embankment, ending in a little overbridge, heading straight for Le Hocq Lane, after which it then would have run up what is now King’s Close to join the coast road just before Pontac.

I know that you’ll probably not be gobsmacked by that, but it made my morning.