Poor old Sue Le Ruez, stalwart Spartan and a good friend. Just about to set out for her long run yesterday (Sunday) from St Catherine and setting her watch she jogged straight into a bench. Fortunately she was with a group and was quickly ferried to A&E by one of them. An X-ray showed that there was no break beneath the deep cut and she was then stitched up. It was nice that two of the Spartan runners, Sue and Judith, were on-duty nurses so she wasn’t short of chat during her stay.
Sue had recovered enough to manage a glass of wine by evening time, her main concern being the disruption to her London Marathon training schedule.

Next up on the Spartan calendar is the Annual Dinner Dance next Saturday. The honoured guest this year is the wondrous Katharine Merry and, as apparently I am emceeing the evening, I am looking forward to introducing her. The MC job regrettably involves not drinking too much or making political speeches, telling un-PC jokes etc.

Meanwhile it was a ‘step back’ week in my training for the Cork Marathon, which worked out well following on from what was a hard 20k race the previous Sunday. On Wednesday I pushed hard on my regular 5.25m circuit from home and clocked a PB. As a consequence I decided not to do my regular Thursday intervals session. I trotted up to Noirmont to see the junior cross on Saturday and finished the week with a nine-miler on Sunday. This week the mileage starts climbing seriously.