Running has taken a bit of a back seat this week. However, what I have run I have run well. There’s a nice enough 4-mile loop from the Club, coming back along the last stretch of my old friend the Outer Ring.

Last night I was trotting along very well when I caught up with the slowest of a group who were out in front. It transpired from the lady in question that they were from Waterford AC and were out for a 5-miler out and back to the Regional Sports Centre – this being where both Waterford and Ferrybank train. We had a nice chat, and I wondered why one or two of her clubmates could not maybe double back to the slower ones in the group occasionally – maybe show a bit of bonding. But as we neared Ardkeen I bade my farewell and showed my new pal a clean pair of heels. Not often I’m able to say that.

My forced monastic lifestyle is undoubtedly resulting in weight loss, though I never actually weigh myself. As long as I keep eating sufficiently and properly this might show up in my running performances, which have drifted between good and dreadful this year.

But it’s the long weekend! After a morning stint at the Club I’m up the road to the O2 to see Fleetwood Mac tomorrow night, accompanied by my old and dear pal Deirdre from Cork City. I absolutely can’t wait.