These 69-hour weeks are proving interesting. One consequence is that – to get any running at all in, I’ve been heading for the treadmill at 8pm when my fitness club closes. The last two evenings I’ve bashed out four miles in 30 minutes, with the tready on a 2% incline. Which to me is a rate of knots I can tell you.

Maybe this is the forced opportunity I need to get my legs turning over and get back to something like the form I am capable of on my good days. But my lifestyle change has had other effects. Gone are the lazy office days with coffee and sandwiches at lunchtime and pints and/or a bottle of wine in the evening – not always but reasonably often. Now it’s a cereal breakfast, a natural juice and something healthy to eat in mid-afternoon, and simple carbs (pasta, spuds, veg etc) in the evening. Though there are a couple of nice takeaways nearby so I occasionally falter.

Weirdest of all are my dream patterns. I’ve always had odd dreams but…last night I reached the Olympic 400m final! I had easy draws into the final. There I was due to run against Asafa Powell (yes I know) and others. I harboured some optimism in that I would have home crowd support on my side (I guess the Olympics were in Ireland) though I still figured that a medal might be out of reach.

Fortunately, I suppose, I woke up before the race.