A pleasing running week thus far. I seem to have rediscovered something and I’m feeling stronger and more motivated. This I hate to say out loud as I have come crashing down to earth too often in the past.

I plodded my regular 4-miler on Tuesday morning and on Wednesday set the alarm 15 minutes earlier and ran off down to the far end of Sandymount Strand on an idyllic summer’s morning. Having run along the walkway above the beach on countless occasions I seem now unable to keep off the sand. The going is mostly quite firm but with enough unevenness and soft sections to work the legs that bit harder whilst giving them a break from concrete and tarmac. There are always a few other early-risers around – often running, but also power walking, dog walking or just walking. Back through Sean Moore Park, Pigeon House Road and the East Link. At that stage I have a mile to run so I generally pick it up coming off the bridge – work the arms a bit harder and increase leg turnover. That is the simple ‘tempo’ bit of my routine. And it’s 6.6 miles by the Garmin.

And yesterday (Thursday) I thought I’d do exactly the same and again it was a good run.

Although it doesn’t bother me really I have a slightly dicky right knee. I didn’t do it any good on Tuesday evening, practising my shot putt glides at the track. Of course the stresses and strains on a right-handed glider are all up through the right leg!

No run this morning (Fri) but what I’ll do this evening after work is run at the track for 40 minutes or so – maybe a set of 600s or 800s, before showering and heading into The Yacht at Ringsend. Tullamore beckons again on Saturday and Sunday but I’ll get a later train on Sunday after my LSR.