Leafy D4 was rocking tonight as The Eagles landed at the RDS. I guess like many I was expecting them to trot out their classic hits and get out of town. How wrong I was. These guys are top musicians and can rock hard and long as well as being able to lay it down low and easy. In a 3-hour set they gave us old and new alike and it was clear that they were enjoying every minute of this latter section of their careers.

And though they sprinkled their set with many of their hits it was their newer work that surprised and impressed. Their Long Road Out Of Eden album has been slow to gather interest this side of the Pond but as a result of this tour it will surely become a must-buy. There were some awesome numbers in there.

But it was only a little way in when they delivered a rip-roaring Hotel California after which I would happily have gone home having had my money’s worth. But I would have missed much more of Joe Walsh’s virtuosity – his hat would be in the ring as one of the top rock guitarists of his generation. The Long Road title track later on was superb as were many of the raunchier numbers. We always knew that these boys could harmonize but I had no idea how accomplished they and their secondary and tertiary band members were. Walsh, Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Timothy Schmit are each in turn comfortable at leading the vocals as well as kicking ass out of guitars that they frequently changed.

Take It To The Limit was sublimely done before the RDS stewards gave up trying to keep people in their seats as the night rocked to a close. The encore was Take It Easy – their first hit, followed finally by Desperado, just as one or two of the audience were panicking. Even now the four lads took several minutes to leave the stage, walking towards each section in turn and waving. A terrific show with unbelievable energy and presence – one that you wouldn’t want to miss.

And fortunately not too many cowboy hats amongst the middle-aged audience.