Ha ha! I woke up this morning and looked at my watch – 8.23! God I’ve slept through the alarm. Jump out of bed…and realise that my watch is still in stopwatch mode from last night – it’s really only 6.05. Too late, I’m awake now and it’s a chance to get out the door on what is the most gorgeous summer morning.

My standard morning run is four miles. Today as I approached Sean Moore Road I had time to spare and thought I’d extend my run a bit around Sean Moore Park. Then a woman runner ahead of me went onto Sandymount Beach. It looked so inviting I decided to follow. The upshot of all that was a 68-minute run at, I guess, 10-minute miling.

When in marathon training I used to push out one of my midweek runs like this but I’ve not done so in a while and it was good.

This Saturday evening is the Dunshaughlin 10k, a very well organised traffic-free race over to the north west of Dublin. I raced a nifty (for me) 50.30 there last year. However on the afternoon I have a coaching event on at Santry and the logistics of getting from there to Dunshaughlin without a car are not easy. We’ll see.

As for other races I think I might go for the Cork Half Marathon being held at Blarney in September. The same weekend is the inaugural Dingle Marathon and Half Marathon. But much as I love the Dingle Peninsula I’m not paying €60 to run out to Dunquin. Next time I’m down there I’ll do it for free.