It’s been a funny old week. After a few days downtime not feeling so good I took to the track last Sunday. Weaving in and out of the DSD crowd who commandeer the home straight on Sundays I got in a good 40 minutes or so of intervals. The last one of 90 seconds was a big effort. After just failing to make the full 400m (watch out Jeremy Wariner) within that time I lay gasping desperately like a fish for several minutes propped up against the brand new and expensive metal pole vault pit cover.

My subsequent morning runs however tell me that I’m still not 100%. Of course the mornings are now totally bright and often sunny in stark contrast to those bleak-ish winter ventures. Development continues, albeit now very slowly, in the Docklands. Always there’s a little progress here or there to interest one. Just off Hanover Quay we have a fairly typical situation now where a large hotel has just been completed but this will now presumably be mothballed until more propitious times come along. All over Ireland are thousands of unsold complete or half-complete developments. They reckon it will take a couple of years to burn off this surplus even once the market loosens up again. Construction is not the game to be in right now.

Between Macken Street and Spencer Dock work is progressing at either end of what will be the new Samuel Beckett road bridge. From what I know of bridge-building, once the support structures are in place on either side of the river the bridge itself will be thrown across in five minutes. It’ll be great for cross-town traffic but will make life less pleasant for the runner.

Surprisingly small attendances down at Irishtown since Easter. In Jersey we were used to a big influx with the new school term. (I remember one particularly spectacular evening when nearly 50 young ladies turned up for my junior girls’ session and we had to decamp to the nearby cricket field for some space).

It’s the first of the Dublin Athletics Board junior league fixtures at Santry on Sunday so we’ll see how that goes.