When Radcliffe or Gebrselassie announce their withdrawal from a race the promoters must surely hurl themselves around the walls cursing and swearing and tearing their hair out – before gathering themselves and declaring to the world that ‘they fully understand the situation and sympathise with Paula/Heille and look forward to welcoming them in a year’s time.’

Tonight I feel the organisers’ pain as I announce my non-participation in Wexford and Armagh this weekend, both of which I have entered. Simply put, for whatever reason, I have felt low and worn-out this week and I’ve done no running since Monday. It would be crazy for me to roll up at the Wexford Half not certain of what shape I’m in.

However I’m really not that fussed (although Wexford represented a sizeable investment – their entry fee has taken some criticism and I hope the race does it justice) as neither race was a particular key target for me. I’ll just re-focus once I regain my form.

Down at Irishtown it was a damp evening tonight. But the virtual total absence of our young athletes was bemusing. I hope they’re not turning into fair-weather performers, in which case the future is not good for them.

But if we had a result tonight it was probably concluding that both Sarah (16) and Brian (14) probably don’t have a javelin career ahead of them. Oh, and that Sarah’s Spanish needs a bit more work.