So how’s my running going? Well…..I just don’t understand those runners who habitually work long hours, have a commute, have family commitments etc and yet who manage to get in high mileage. They are truly dedicated to their sport and they have my admiration.

Over the last week or so I’ve been working rather longer hours than usual – earlier starts, later finishes, but nothing that you’d call extraordinary. But I’ve found that my running has just stopped as a consequence. (Not to mention my club night coaching about which I feel very guilty).

Anyhow, with the Wexford Half coming up next Sunday I needed a kick start. With Irishtown Stadium being closed (Easter Saturday, don’t ask) I ventured in to adjacent Ringsend Park. Although I had misgivings about this due to the large dog population it turned out fine. I thought an intervals session was in order to get my legs moving so I borrowed this one from my brother – 4.30min, 4.00, 3.30, 3.00, 2.30 with 2min recoveries then 3 x 90secs with 90secs recoveries. I believe it’s the first time I’ve done an interval session by time. It’s quite fun as there’s no pressure as to speed, but nonetheless you want to make it worthwhile. So with the mile jog to and from home I considered that a useful morning.

However my body does not recover well from speed sessions and yesterday was a pretty gruelling 8-mile run/walk. However it was the first time I’d tried the Grand Canal paths along the southside, as opposed to the more familiar Royal Canal. And interesting it was too, through the business districts out into the ‘burbs – Baggot Street, Leeson Street, Charlemont, Portobello, Harold’s Cross, Dolphin’s Barn and finally turning around at Suir Road. Dublin with its best face on in the sunshine with even the alkies on their benches putting on cheery faces. A pity I wasn’t in rather better shape to appreciate it all.

And this morning was even more hopeless as I recorded five of the junkiest miles I can remember. All that can be said in favour of junk miles is that they are better than no miles.

So now I plan to do maybe a couple of short tempo runs in midweek but otherwise live cleanly and properly until Sunday. Must go shopping and stock up on carbs, also fruit, veg, nuts etc. I’ve been very lazy about food recently. I know what I ought to be doing and I just need to start doing it a bit better.