An OK week running-wise. My 10-miler on Monday has been followed by three morning 4-milers. Tomorrow I hope to get at least a few miles in during a road trip to Northern Ireland.

Two weeks to the Wexford Half Marathon. In truth I’ve not been doing much different in preparation for this. I suppose I’m becoming to regard a Half as just another Sunday long run, albeit at a rather greater intensity. I’ve not as yet got a focal point for this year’s training. I doubt if I’ll crank my training up for a marathon. I promised that I’d never do another one. And, although you can never really say never I’m quite happy to pick and choose some nice shorter races around the island of Ireland.

It’s been a nice week at Irishtown stadium as some better weather kicks in. With the indoor season out of the way we can grab discus and javelin. These are totally new events to most of our young athletes and the young ladies in particular have taken to the discus with enthusiasm. As a coach I get huge satisfaction in seeing the progression of the young ones – from the point where they have no idea how to hold or release the implement to seeing them perform competent throws which will give them a head start in their schools’ competitions. Hopefully one or two will press on to specialise in throws.

Tomorrow it’s up at cock crow to hit the road for Magherafelt in Derry, which is going to be a drive of at least three hours there and back. Our U12 and U13 girls have qualified for the All-Ireland Indoor Relay Championships. So, although either team will do very well to get out of their heat we travel with high spirits to fly the Crusader colours in the far north.