In contrast to the mob of young athletes which were at Santry last weekend there was a sparse turnout for the U16-U19 age groups yesterday. And from what I saw there was precious little real talent on display. It’s been said to me that it’s rare to have an All-Ireland champion from Dublin and I can’t say I’m surprised.
Thankfully it was a couple of Crusaders that lifted the shot competition out of total mediocrity. Sarah Fleming (U18 group) – with no effective opposition, had a patchy series but an ‘OK’ best of 9.20m. She will need to improve on that in a fortnight’s time to hope to get an All-Ireland medal, but I’ve a feeling that discus will ultimately be her event anyway. Shane Lynch (U19) who is coached by Phil Conway threw 13.21m and looked the part. I’d say he could add a metre by dropping his shoulders lower in the T-position and driving upwards from there. Brian Gray (U16) presently lacks athleticism and can improve greatly on his 8.10m.
The shot competition was held (needless to say) outdoors. Inside our three long jumpers Sean McGabhaim, Patrick Keegan and Fiachra Thirroueiz did fine without pulling up any trees.
Finally, here are a couple of good pics from last weekend The first of these I think is a classic as James Woods suddenly realises that he has company and needs to put a spurt on to protect his bronze medal. The second is Clodagh Ferry with her three medals.