Not the best run ever yesterday, but I suppose not the worst either. It was a beautiful spring morning and I set off to Killiney on the DART. At Pembroke Cricket Club at Sandymount the stumps were pitched on the artificial strip with a crowd of Indian-looking fellas looking eager to start the match. Below the cliffs at Killiney a few hardy souls deemed it fine enough to do a bit of bathing.

I was hoping for a good tempo run back into town but in truth I struggled a bit. That first climb up Vico Road and the early undulating run in and out of the little harbours should energise one, but I always end up feeling flat. However it was nice to see the Sunday crowds out all along Dublin Bay with Sandymount Strand particularly busy. 11.84 miles at 9.37m/m making 27.8 miles on the week.

So next Sunday it’s the Connemara Half Marathon which I also ran in 2005 and 2007. I feel in good enough general shape to attack sub-two hours. But I’ll need to run smart and be aware of what mile splits are needed on the 10 non-uphill miles. More on that later in the week. But for now it’s a clean-living buildup but without too much running. I need to be fresh.