Standard four miles before breakfast – that’s the plan this week with a 10-miler on Sunday maybe. Then an easy week before I head to Conn for the Half on the following Sunday. What with other things I haven’t really focused on the race yet.

This evening at Irishtown there was a great attendance by the juniors, with an obvious buzz hanging over from the weekend. At least one young lady was rumoured to have slept with her medal still around her neck!

And if I thought I had an easy option with a small handful of shot putters that was out the window as another gaggle was sent over to the circle. And a great time we all had as the young athletes got to grips with shot. Tonight I did something for the first time ever. Instead of going from standing throw into the fairly complicated ‘glide’ I decided to experiment with the ‘shift’ – a halfway house much beloved by PE teachers. It actually went quite well and it’s something that I’ll persist with.

And with Liverpool kicking off against Real Madrid, did I get any respite? Huh! Under duress I broke out the discuses (?discoi, discae) and managed to hoist a section of the throws cage netting into place. Within 15 minutes Sarah, Roisin, Alix and fellow coach Moya had performed (if not perfected) a standing throw, a South African drill and even a full turn.

And I still got the second half!