One of my aims for this week was to speed up my legs and aim for a couple of PBs on my morning runs. Well on Wednesday I clocked a 34.52 which was nearly a minute off my previous best. And just now (Friday) I’ve done a 34.22. All on a route for which I reckon 37-38 is par for me. Just goes to show what is possible if you push the envelope a bit and are feeling good.

No speed sessions at the track though. In honesty it would mean sacrificing a morning run. Plus, approaching 8pm after coaching, there have been the twin sirens of European football and The Oarsman. If I ran a few more miles and drank a few less pints I’d be brilliant.

On Sunday I head for Howth and a bit of hill training.

On the coaching front I’ve spent a little time with Sarah (16) and Brian (14) at the shot circle this week. Last night I was delighted with Sarah who managed to correct a fundamental flaw in her foot positioning in the glide and was throwing beautifully. Both of these athletes will be going for gold in the Dublin indoors shortly.