Good good good. Despite not feeling 100% over the last 24 hours I managed to attack my long run for a change. I went out with a little more purpose than usual and sustained the pace up until halfway, started back slowly to regather before finishing well. Mile splits of


9.97 miles @9.31m/m. 22 miles on the week which is less than I would like really. I’ll be trying to do nearer 30 for the next two weeks before easing back for the last two weeks before Connemara. But some of those miles need to be at a quicker pace and I’ll be looking for a ‘PB’ or two on my early morning runs, with maybe a track session or two down at Irishtown – speed these old legs up a bit.

Now, off to Santry where some of our Crusader juniors are taking part in their first-ever track meet, a low-key Winter Warm-Up…

…which took place (surprise surprise) indoors! Santry has an indoor training facility under the main stand and this was where all the afternoon’s sprints and hurdles took place. And very well organised it was too. Each athlete had two runs, with the second round being seeded, based on times from the first round.

And our young athletes showed up very well considering that it was all very new to them. The routine of checking in, the discipline of starting, and the opportunity of running against athletes from other clubs will serve them well for two weeks time. Official results (faster of two runs).

60 metres
U10G Clodagh Ferry 10.4 (4th)
U11G Sarah Maher 10.4 (5th)
U11G Roisin McGuill 11.0 (9th)
U11G Ella Thirroueiz 11.3 (10th)
U11G Juliette Guest 12.4 (15th)
U11G Amanda Hickey-Hedman 13.2 (16th)
U12G Isabel O’Leary 9.5 (2nd)
U12G Emily Shiels 9.8 (3rd)
U12G Niamh Ferry 10.2 (6th)
U12G Olibhia Collins 10.6 (10th)
U12G Juliet Storan 10.8 (11th)
U13G Ciara Barry 9.6 (6th)
U13G Rachel Maher 9.9 (9th)
U13G Grainne McGuill 10.1 (11th)
U13G Abby Guest 10.6 (14th)
U14G Alix Hughes 9.3 (3rd)
U12B James Woods 9.9 (5th)
U14B Kevin Woods 9.1 (3rd)
U15B Fiachra Thirroueiz 9.5 (6th)

60 metres hurdles
U13G Ciara Barry 12.4 (5th)
U14G Alix Hughes 12.1 (2nd)