As long runs go, today’s was pretty crap. Once again my energy levels were low. Perhaps I ought to re-examine my diet. For sure there’s not much by way of fruit and veg in there at the moment. Neither am I snacking on fruit, nuts and water during the working day as I’d got into the habit of doing.

I took my old route up the Royal Canal through Dublin’s northside and – instead of turning left into the Phoenix Park at Ashtown, I added a couple of miles on by carrying on up River Road and coming into the park through the Castlenock gate. Then anti-clockwise around the perimeter to leave by Parkgate and along the Luas tracks back home. Added to my lethargy was a biting easterly wind which added nothing to the experience.

Phedippidations 170 was one in which Steve indulges a bit (no, a lot) in trying to understand the universe and our place in it. (Frankly I don’t care, but I don’t mind listening to his good-natured assertions). He also suggested an immediate solution to the Gaza conflict and the inane genocide there by inviting the Israelis to just take over Massachussets as their nation state, and leave Palestine as it is. As sensible a solution, and just as likely to work, as any that the United Nations are likely to come up with.

And after catching up with the two most recent episodes of Fighting Talk I’d at least completed 14.6 miles for 30.6 on the week. The first of these episodes included unexpectedly the first few bars of All The Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople, which acted as Sue Mott’s theme tune. Ian Hunter, Mott’s singer, is an all-time hero of mine – now pursuing a solo career and continuing to produce great music.