Our first few months of junior athletics at Crusaders AC ended today. A loyal 11 athletes turned out – indeed most of these have been with us since that first Open Day at the end of the summer. And a nicer set of kids you couldn’t wish for. The session ended with an 800m, their first opportunity at the distance. The outcome was

1. Kevin Woods (U13B) 2:56.9
2. Fiachra Thirroueiz (U15B) 3:05.4
3. James Woods (U10B) 3:10.0
4. Rachel Maher (U12G) 3:12.2
5. Sarah Maher (U10G) 3:48.4
6. Ella Thirroueiz (U9G) 3:58.0
7. Grainne McGuill (U12G) 4:08.9
8. Orla Murray (U12) 4:10.5
9. Lorna Carr (U9G) 4:37.4

Running-wise I’ve continued with my early-morning short runs, this week extending the Thursday run out to four miles by skirting around Ringsend and up Sean Moore Road, doubling back to the East Link. Although these are undemanding runs my old legs are definitely rebelling by the end of the week. Too bad, toughen up.

Tomorrow I head up the Royal Canal for my long run – renew my acquaintance with that particular part of Dublin which I discovered shortly after my arrival in January. The final stages of that run – back through town, should be fun with the Christmas shoppers. Pretty chaotic last night by all accounts with an encounter between the LUAS (tram) and a taxi, with five taken to hospital.

And I’m trying to be serene about Birmingham’s quite woeful performance at lunchtime, meaning Reading leapfrog us into second place.