Back into my running with a vengeance with a strong 10-miler yesterday morning. Usual route – down the river and out to Blackrock and back. For some reason I am ignoring my previous long-run route which was up the Royal Canal to Phoenix Park, with loops and extensions as necessary. That route will, I am sure, come back into play at some stage.

And I need to find a hill or two to practice on with Connemara coming up in March. There’s a great one from Howth harbour up to the village and beyond – a bit of a surprise that one the first time I ran in that direction!

But yesterday was good – a slow 52 mins for the five miles out to Blackrock but I got into it on the return trip and did it in 47 mins. It was another cold but fine day and Sandymount Strand (Dublin’s very own beach) was being well used by all and sundry. I caught up with a couple of Fighting Talk episodes with guest presenter Kelly Dalgleish doing a good job as guest presenter on the first one but Jimmy Tarbuck was woeful. In the meantime I am falling behind with my Phedippidations and will probably catch up with those over Christmas.

But for now it’ll be back to early morning runs this week.

PS – England lost the cricket as foretold in my 13th Dec post…