A 10-mile plod this morning on a very cold but bright and still Dublin morning. The Sean O’Casey bridge was closed for maintenance so a rare detour upriver and over the Isaac Butt bridge before heading back downriver, over the East Link to Blackrock and back. A couple of the city’s many unfortunates were happily tucking in to their cider for brunch in the bright sunshine. But hey, maybe they think I’m the unfortunate one, often in a state of discomfort in the name of sport whilst they dream the day away.

I’m over the 1,000-mile mark for the year. Not bad for my age and lack of any ability. Those miles were mostly piled up in the first half of the year. Where’s my old diary…here we are. I finished my final year in Jersey (2007) on 777 miles.

Yesterday was ‘interesting’ at Irishtown Stadium with the kids giddy in the morning whiteness and more interested in throwing frostballs at each other than concentrating on their drills. However we got some work done including a 600m, results as follows. Note the 6-year old lad who trotted around as to the manor born.

1. Fiachra Thirroueiz (U15B) 2:16.9 PB
2. Rachel Maher (U12G) 2:25.8 PB
3. Sarah Maher (U10G) 2:30.4 PB
4. Alix Hughes (U13G) 2:33.3
5. Roisin McGuill (U10G) 2:33.4 PB
6. Orla Murray (U12G) 2:43.1
7. Ella Thirroueiz (U10G) 2:45.7 PB
8. Alan Francis (U10B) 3:03.7 PB
9. Patrick Tucker (U7B) 3:11.9

And home then to see a cracking game, 1st v 2nd with honours even. Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-1 Birmingham City. I’ll settle for that.