Continuing with the early-morning short runs this week, though I thought I deserved Monday off. I’ve built in a little dogleg (Cambridge Road) so it’s now near enough three miles though I’ve not bothered to Garmin it.

That’s 999 miles so far in 2008!

I must say that this little discipline really sets one up for the day. Getting out of bed promptly and out the door regardless of weather and an easy (though not effortless) 30 minutes running gets one in touch with the day.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that there appears to be rare free on-street parking down Docklands way. The spaces are filling up quickly by 7 o’clock and many drivers sit there, engines running (for the heating no doubt), presumably waiting until it’s time for work. One good reason for living in an expensive but central apartment.

And to add to the excitement I was nearly taken out this morning as a sudden gust of wind threw a roadside barrier across the footpath. No end of wonders to see on a Dublin morning.