Running-wise I’ve kept up my little early morning runs this week. As Misery Hill is closed due to construction work I have instead been running along the south river bank to the East Link. And fascinating that area is being a mixture of old, abandoned quayside buildings, new apartments and flashy new office complexes and others still planned and under construction.

Across the river on the north side it is very much the same, with old Dublin still clinging on in the face of increasing development and investment. Though that may now be slowing down somewhat.

The Docklands Authority have done a good job in making good cycleways, footpaths, benches and little statues along both banks, and it is tastefully illuminated by night. The area is a little way away from the tourist trail and therefore it is still relatively quiet. One upshot of this is that the area has yet to become infested by Dublin’s lowlife who can be found in profusion further up the quays. No Roma beggars either, the footfall being too low to be an attraction.

The East Link, opened in 1984, replaced – I am told, a ferry which had been in existence since 1665! This connects Ringsend on the south with the harbour area to the north. Further back towards the city the Sean O’Casey pedestrian bridge has been open for only a few years. Between the two, construction has now begun on the Samuel Beckett Bridge which will carry traffic between Macken Street and Spencer Dock. At that time then there will be no fewer than three bridges where before none existed east of the Customs House. Indeed (again I am told) that in earlier times ferrymen used to wreck attempts to build various wooden bridges as this would of course impact their livelihoods.

But anyway, I must run a little longer on Sunday. Last Tuesday we had nine in our young group. Last night it was Liz, Eoin and Patrick for a heavy session together with Brian, a strong 14-year old thrower but with whom I needed to go easier.