Anyone listen to this running podcast? Well I know plenty people do actually. For those that don’t, Phedippidations is far and away the most listened-to running podcast and is way up near the top of the sports category.

It’s produced by one Steve Runner of New England and broadcasts (mostly) weekly. Steve alines himself with the ordinary Joe & Jane Jogger – of whom we are many, and produces a variety of shows. Most of these are at least partly recorded whilst training or even racing.

Steve is a talented guy. It’s become a cliche now how he feigns surprise that more than a handful of people might be listening to him. He speaks with authority and checks his facts with others if he is unsure. The production quality is flawless and the show content generally excellent. Steve does grate a bit at times, but makes no apology for some over-emphasis on his family and his faith.

Whilst he will not have many admirers amongst the elite of the sport he has certainly been an inspiration to many lesser mortals. As for me, although he irritates at times with his good-guy apple pie delivery, I never miss an episode.