I’m rather pleased with myself having hauled my ass out of bed each morning this week for a (admittedly short and undemanding) little run. It’s getting my body slowly used to regular work again and a good discipline to be doing something positive in the morning other than slobbing around. As work is less than 10 minutes walk away I clearly have time to do a bit of work first thing.

I decided I needed to be a bit more hi-vis though and trotted over to Elvery’s at lunchtime. Torn between a lovely orange Nike jacket at €68 and a yellow reflective bib at €10 prudence won out. Then over to Camden Street to buy more mouse tails (aka dusters) as we didn’t have enough for Cat & Mouse last Saturday. If anyone is interested they are €2 for eight in Camden Casket.

Thirteen young athletes on Tuesday, a few less tonight. I took the seniors (Liz, Sean, Patrick, Eoin) for their conditioning, consisting tonight of weights, plyo, circuit, med ball, Swiss Ball. Viv texted earlier from A&E and we await further news – suspected appendicitis is a possibility.