Ok, I’ve decided my running is not going to deteriorate further. I completed my one and only marathon on August 24th and it has been downhill from there really. No focus, too much Guinness. OK I completed my 8th half-marathon in that time (the virtual Worldwide Half Marathon) but generally it’s been not good.

So – no long run today. Instead, in the early evening, I plodded a gentle 2.5 miler which will be my basic short run. From my apartment it’s left down Hanover Street and up Misery Hill (sic), along Grand Canal Dock and over three locks, right down a lane and left over Ringsend Bridge, left down Thorncastle Street and then over the East Link – the last bridge over the Liffey before the open sea. Left at the shiny new O2 arena (formerly the Point Depot), along the North Quay and finally back over the river at the Sean Casey bridge.

Same again tomorrow (Monday) morning before work.

I have still no goals, which is bad. Certainly I have entered the Connemara Half Marathon next March and a sub-two on that course would be a first for me and pretty damn special.